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Jack Pattie Show With Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, MD
21, 2022


COVID-19: BA2 Starting to Uptick, Hospitals Taking N95 Masks from Patients
Dr Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm  discusses the BA.2 variant and how it is expected to cause an uptick in cases. Severity of illness appears to be the same as the Omicron Variant but it will vary widely between individuals depending upon their immunological status, vaccine dosages and previous exposure to the virus. At this time, the wearing of masks indoors, especially in areas of high viral spread is advisable. This will not only help to protect the individual but also others who may be immunocompromised. There is also a report in Politico of hospitals removing a patient's N95 mask and giving them a surgical mask. This makes little sense with a highly contagious aerosolized virus. The BA.2 Variant is up to 80% more contagious than Omicron and may be as or even more contagious than measles. Jack Pattie Show. Mar. 21, 2022.

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