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Jack Pattie Show With
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, MD

7, 2022


COVID-19: Preparation for the BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 Surge in the Face of Immunological Imprinting
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses steps which should be taken with the upcoming holidays to prevent spread of COVID and the use of portable CO2 monitors to screen for poor air circulation. The Pandemic emergency has been extended through Jan 11, 2023 so one can order free COVID-19 tests on insurance and screen everyone prior to an event with a rapid test. There have been studies which show this will decrease spread by about 40%. In addition, one should ask guests to use precautions a week before the event of wearing masks and not going to high risk venues. The new bivalent booster is at least as good as the original booster. However, some studies indicate it is not giving a large amount of added protection. Immune imprinting may be taking place. Another study on long COVID has found the incidence of occurance at about 33%, even in mild to moderate cases. Long COVID commonly affects the heart and brain. We have given warnings about effects on the heart back in July of 2020, well before the vaccine, and at that time were called alarmist. The recent cardiac death of Julie Powell, just after having COVID, has focused the public on this occurance. It is imperative that the public adopts testing, masking and become boosted to avert a surge with COVID-19. Jack Pattie Show. Not. 7, 2022..

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