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Affordable High-quality Medical Security for All Americans
Alan Sager, PhD
July 19, 2023


Affordable High-quality Medical Security for All Americans.
Dr. Alan Sager, PhD, sketches a plan for health care for all in the United States. We currently spend five times as much on healthcare as defense. That spending should be enough to make medical security for everyone the easiest problem to solve in our nation. Today, though, the political path of least resistance is to just throw more money to allow unequal and ineffective business-as-usual to limp along. But that money will run out within the next decade. So we need to be ready with solid ways to stabilize and reform health care. Unfortunately, health care in the U.S. lacks both a functioning free market and effective government oversight. Monopolies and bureaucracies rarely work well for those who rely on them. We therefore have to develop and test simple and trustworthy ways to cover everyone, contain cost, pay doctors and hospitals and other caregivers, and make sure we have the right caregivers in the right places.
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