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Long COVID Scotland
Dr. Sally Witcher and Jane Ormerod - Mar. 20, 2024


Long COVID Scotland - Dr. Sally Witcher and Jane Ormerod.
Sally Witcher, PhD and Jane Ormerod from long COVID Scotland discuss the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and long COVID in the United Kingdom and Scotland. The presenters stressed the lack of available healthcare for those suffering from long COVID and also the lack of gathering data and transparency regarding the magnitude of the problem. Governmental strategies are over reliant on vaccinations and even if vaccines produced ironclad durable immunity, they are not widely available to the general public. Few if any are masking, including medical personnel in major healthcare centers. Similar to many countries, there is rampant misinformation which is inhibiting the public health response. Currently, the United Kingdom's workforce is being adversely affected to a large degree by chronic illnesses, but there remains little discussion or recognition of the impacts of long COVID. 
Health Watch USAsm meeting: Mar. 20, 2024. 

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