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COVID-19, an Update and Critical Evaluation of the United Kingdom's Response
Dr. Jonathan Fluxman, MD - June 19, 2024


  COVID-19, an Update and Critical Evaluation of the United Kingdom's Response
Dr. Jonathan Fluxman presents a COVID-19 update, summarizing our current knowledge and mistakes made during the pandemic. COVID-19 is more of a vascular and immunological disease than a respiratory one. It is primarily spread through respiration and the virus is airborne. The delayed recognition and then once recognized the failure to act to prevent airborne spread is one of the greatest mistakes of the epidemic. Vaccines provide a degree of protection against hospitalizations, deaths and long COVID but not nearly enough to abandon other mitigation measures. Improvements in ventilation are crucial to mitigating indoor spread. The importance of this is underscored by the pandemic being largely driven by super spreader events in congregate settings. Of great concern are the reinfections which are occurring, almost everyone has been infected several times and with each infection the chances of developing long COVID increases. Even children are affected. It is estimated that 12% of children develop long COVID after the first infection, and 16% after the second. The implications of long COVID and delayed organ damage on our society is discussed. Finally, a critique of the United Kingdom's COVID-19 is presented with a discussion of its shortcomings and needed improvements. Health Watch USAsm meeting. June 19, 2024. View Presentation: 

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