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COVID-19: Universal Use of N95 Masks & Community Risk Zones
Should Be Based Upon Infections

Aug. 23, 2022


CDC HICPAC: Need for Data and Risk Adjustment Normalization of Deviance
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the need for "Data for Action". Too often data is highly adjusted and delayed in its release. Risk adjustment should be done to adjust circumstances which cannot be mitigated not to normalize deviance. Risk adjusting for COVID-19, community levels of MRSA are problematic. The Veterans Health Administration has not experienced the pandemic MRSA surge that was seen in the private sector. The metric for COVID-19 hospital acquired infections is also severely flawed. Relaxation of school COVID-19 guidance is problematic with the high rate of deaths and hospitalizations in the United States along with the teacher and bus driver shortage. It would be much more pragmatic to wait until the BA.5 booster is available in the next few weeks. Public comment given before the CDC's HICPAC meeting on Aug. 23, 2022. 
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