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Public Comment: CDC HICPAC Meeting – Enhanced Barrier Precautions
Kevin Kavanagh, MD, MS
June 9, 2023


Public Comment: CDC HICPAC Meeting – Enhanced Barrier Precautions.
Enhanced barrier precautions is advocated for use to mitigate the spread of CRE and C. Auris. These are highly dangerous organisms. A clinical trial is certainly indicated before planning for adoption in non-research settings. A better approach is screening to identify the microbiome of residents, decolonization and cohorting if decolonization is not successful. It is concerning that the CDC appears to be moving forward with EBP where there is little evidence supporting their effectiveness with dangerous pathogens and also appears to be considering abandoning N95 masking where there is decades of occupational research supporting their use. Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC), June 9, 2023.
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