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Major Concerns Regarding CDC's "Enhanced" Barrier Precautions
Presentation To The Peoples CDC
Kevin Kavanagh, MD, MS
Dec. 7, 2023


Major Concerns Regarding CDC's "Enhanced" Barrier Precautions
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh discusses concerns regarding the CDC's proposed Enhanced Barrier Precautions for Nursing Homes. These precautions may be used for residents who are carriers of MRSA, CRE and Candida Auris. However, they are only recommended for staff contacts which have a high risk of transmission. But even low risk activities are performed so often that transmission can occur. In addition, colonized residents are allowed to participate in normal activities. On one hand the CDC is warning of Candida Auris outbreaks and on the other they are recommending little intervention to prevent spread. Health Watch USA recommends that screening, isolation and decolonization be used as the primary strategy and if this fails residents should be cohorted with other residents with compatible microbiomes. Presentation given to the People's CDC on Dec. 7, 2023.
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