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Vaccines & COVID-19 - Long COVID Scotland
Long COVID Scotland
Kevin Kavanagh, MD, MS
June 8, 2024


Dr Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USA(sm) discusses the history of vaccines with emphasis on George Washington, Variolation and the Continental Army Smallpox Mandate. Presentation Given to Long COVID Scotland. June 8, 2024. View Video: View Video

Several points are stressed:
1. that herd immunity is not possible with a mutating virus and waning immunity.
2. All vaccines have complications, but they are much less than acquiring the disease.
3. Myocarditis appears to be most common with the second dose of the Moderna Vaccine in young males, but it is still a rare often mild event.
4. Natural infection may give a few months longer immunity than vaccines. However, neither give durable immunity, and becoming infected every year is not a viable plan.
5. Over 6% of adults living in the United States complain of symptoms of Long COVID.
6. Vaccinations can prevent over 70% of the cases of Long COVID.
7. Reinfections are common and each carries an additive risk of Long COVID.
8. Delayed deaths from COVID-19 exceed those from the acute disease.
TTypes of COVID-19 vaccines are discussed, along with risks and benefits

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