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Airborne Infection Transmission & Impact on Frontline Workers - Dr. Lidia Morawska
Dr. Lidia Morawska presents "Airborne Infection Transmission & Impact on Frontline Workers." Scientists have been pointing to the evidence on the importance of airborne transmission by inhalation of virus-laden respiratory particles. Airborne transmission plays a key role in this process: generation of particles from human respiratory activities, what happens to particles in the air and deposition of the particles in the respiratory tract upon inhalation. The presentation will discuss the current state of understanding of airborne transmission of respiratory infections and some of the key building engineering control measures to minimize the risk of infections with a focus on frontline workers safety. Health Watch USA(sm) Webinar, Frontline Worder Safety in the Age of COVID-19: A Global Perspective. Sept. 14, 2022     Download Slides
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