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Jack Pattie Show With Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, MD
9, 2021


COVID-19: Vaccine Vs Natural Immunity, COVID-19 in White Tail Deer ?
Dr. Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses COVID-19 along with new data which shows vaccine immunity is stronger than natural immunity. In addition, the virus has invaded the white tail deer population and there are concerns the deer may become the natural host. Other topics include asymptomatic infections and the risks of myocarditis in the young.
Timeline of Topics:
00:12:22 Vaccine VS Natural Immunity
02:24:23 Vaccine Boosters
04:10:00 Deaths from COVID-19 vs Vaccines
05:19:09 Myocarditis from COVID-19
08:00>00 COVID-19 White Tail Deer 

Jack Pattie Show with Scott Johnson. Aug. 9, 2021.

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